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ERAS Specialist

Robert G Yavrouian, MD, FACS, FASCRS

Colon and Rectal Surgery located in Los Angeles, CA & Glendale, CA

Colorectal surgery is a major procedure that can have a considerable impact on your life. If you're undergoing a colorectal operation, experienced surgeon Robert Yavrouian, MD, uses ERAS – enhanced recovery after colorectal surgery – to optimize your recovery. Find out more about ERAS and how it could help you get back to enjoying life more quickly by contacting one of Dr. Yavrouian's offices in the Boyle Heights area of Los Angeles or Glendale, California. Call Dr. Robert Yavrouian today or book your appointment online.


What is ERAS?

ERAS is short for enhanced recovery after surgery. It's an evidence-based system that Dr. Yavrouian uses to enhance the rehabilitation process when you've undergone surgery on your colon or rectum.

There are three stages to ERAS:

Preoperative interventions

First, Dr. Yavrouian conducts a comprehensive evaluation so he can be confident that surgery is the most appropriate option for you. Even when it is, if you're not well-nourished or you’re in poor health, it might be better to postpone the surgery until you improve.

The preoperative part of ERAS also enables Dr. Yavrouian to go through the details of your colorectal procedure with you, including any preparations you need to make and what you can expect after the surgery.

Operative interventions

The operative interventions stage covers the day of your surgical procedure, including what happens directly before, during, and after your surgery.

Postoperative interventions

Your recovery is the focus of postoperative interventions. Once Dr. Yavrouian completes your colorectal surgery, you go to the recovery room for observation while you come out of anesthesia. After you go home, Dr. Yavrouian schedules follow-up appointments so he can monitor your recovery and give you the expert care you need for the optimal outcome.

The ERAS program doesn't just include Dr. Yavrouian and his team. Other medical professionals, such as anesthesiologists and physical therapists, also play a part.

Why would I need ERAS?

ERAS is a protocol for optimizing the patient's experience of colorectal surgery. The most likely reasons for requiring surgery are colorectal cancer and conditions like Crohn's disease or severe diverticulitis.

While most colorectal diseases are treatable using nonsurgical means, in some cases, treatments don't work. Furthermore, if you have cancer, it might be essential to remove the affected tissues before the disease spreads.

ERAS makes the process of undergoing colorectal surgery less of an ordeal.

What are the benefits of ERAS?

ERAS has numerous benefits. Using ERAS, Dr. Yavrouian can minimize the trauma and pain of surgery and reduce the risk of complications during and after the procedure.

In addition, your stay in the hospital should be shorter, and it takes less time for you to get back to your daily life.

Dr. Yavrouian recommends ERAS for patients undergoing colorectal surgery and discusses all the benefits with you at your consultation.

To take advantage of his colorectal surgery experience and the ERAS approach, call Dr. Robert Yavrouian today or book an appointment online.